Friday, March 7, 2014

Just entered the 7dRL challenge

Name: Rifts-RL

Tool: Using Unity's new 4.3 patch to do sprite-based 2d games and layering. Graphics are using a 16x16 creative-commons sprite-pack.

Initial scope (ideally first weekend of challenge): Get the sprites working so player can move around in a turn based way. Also link to a standard "dungeon generation" algorithm I picked up on the unity store a few months back for making the actual level layout.

Player: Is actually a "party" of several characters all represented in the same space (we'll see how I do on getting the sprites to move as a group). Individual characters are both a race and a class. The race determines starting stats, the class determines what "special skill" the character has. Player can use different hotkeys to use each character's special skill every X turns. Leveling up grants more base stats.

Enemies/goal: Each level has Y monster spawners, each spawner makes an enemy-group that wanders around. Destroy the monster spawners on each level of the dungeon to get to the next level.
After each monster spawner is destroyed, player can recruit one of the monsters to join their party and replace an existing character.

 Out of scope/Extra scope (time permitting): More classes/races, inventory system, bosses, multi-enemy-group-encounters, town system, talent system, ability to chose different special skills, consumable mid-combat items, ect stuff.

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