Saturday, March 15, 2014

You get a new party member whenever you kill a spawning pool. Kill all spawning pools and you win the level.

This is a 50% success, 50% failure, because I really wanted to do more, but ended up being too bogged down in coding the unity-mechanics of a roguelike and not enough time on my specific-game mechanics or UI.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little update for today. I've now got it giving players a wide variety of characters and a wide variety of monsters. Combat works, though it is lacking robustness. And I have a basic UI for hit-points. So now I can finally start working on fun stuff, features, all that good stuff I wanted to do.

Does look a little weird with characters not changing directional-facing. I might want to add that in if I get a chance. 

Edit: 15 minutes of fiddling with transform.Rotate and now everyone walks facing the direction they are going.

Also, new mechanic: The enemy will target (at random) one of the two characters closest to them to attack. So movement is important in which side of your party faces the enemy. There is no way to rotate the party, so you'll have to take that into consideration when fighting enemies.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Huzzah! Movement systems are working. Right now it tries to space itself out, then try to move toward the player if it finds him nearby.

Also have the basics of UI working. It shows the 4 player health bars, and I'm thinking I'll have it list the special-skill next to each player, and have the user mouseover to inspect what each skill does.

Of course, most of the above is about 90% done and still needs the final wiring for actually "having" skills to use, or attacking the player if it tries to move onto the player. So I'll get the basic auto-attack working tomorrow and start implementing my first actual stats.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Movement systems are frustrating to program. I have monster spawners working, and it spawns bad guys (singular, not squads, though I can make the enemies have groups as well). But the monsters have trouble pathing around on their own.

So I'm scoping back to my goal for tomorrow to have monsters start wandering around. Hopefully the other remaining game aspects don't tie me up for quite this long.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I have party movement working, as well as instantiating multiple characters in the same place. They even have facing when the player changes direction. The squirrel is the party leader, because anything can happen in RiftRL. I've also got basic idle animations, but I only have two frames for each sprite so I may just have it alternate frames as they walk. And smooth camera following, so you don't have the "jitter" of the camera teleporting to each position. All of the characters have their own "stats" code, but it has just placeholder stuff like "take damage" and "attack" methods that are empty at the moment.

I'm using the DawnHack tileset

Which works pretty well in unity once you remember to turn the filtering method to "point" rather than leaving it on bilinear and wasting an hour trying to figure out why all the textures are blurry.

Plan for sunday:

1. Start implementing enemy parties, using similar code to the players.
2. Implement a UI of some kind.
3. Settle on combat mechanics and player stat system.
4. Link up stairs and dungeon-level-transitions.

If I can get those 4 done, then I can spend monday-friday adding in fun-stuff features.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just entered the 7dRL challenge

Name: Rifts-RL

Tool: Using Unity's new 4.3 patch to do sprite-based 2d games and layering. Graphics are using a 16x16 creative-commons sprite-pack.

Initial scope (ideally first weekend of challenge): Get the sprites working so player can move around in a turn based way. Also link to a standard "dungeon generation" algorithm I picked up on the unity store a few months back for making the actual level layout.

Player: Is actually a "party" of several characters all represented in the same space (we'll see how I do on getting the sprites to move as a group). Individual characters are both a race and a class. The race determines starting stats, the class determines what "special skill" the character has. Player can use different hotkeys to use each character's special skill every X turns. Leveling up grants more base stats.

Enemies/goal: Each level has Y monster spawners, each spawner makes an enemy-group that wanders around. Destroy the monster spawners on each level of the dungeon to get to the next level.
After each monster spawner is destroyed, player can recruit one of the monsters to join their party and replace an existing character.

 Out of scope/Extra scope (time permitting): More classes/races, inventory system, bosses, multi-enemy-group-encounters, town system, talent system, ability to chose different special skills, consumable mid-combat items, ect stuff.