Saturday, March 8, 2014

I have party movement working, as well as instantiating multiple characters in the same place. They even have facing when the player changes direction. The squirrel is the party leader, because anything can happen in RiftRL. I've also got basic idle animations, but I only have two frames for each sprite so I may just have it alternate frames as they walk. And smooth camera following, so you don't have the "jitter" of the camera teleporting to each position. All of the characters have their own "stats" code, but it has just placeholder stuff like "take damage" and "attack" methods that are empty at the moment.

I'm using the DawnHack tileset

Which works pretty well in unity once you remember to turn the filtering method to "point" rather than leaving it on bilinear and wasting an hour trying to figure out why all the textures are blurry.

Plan for sunday:

1. Start implementing enemy parties, using similar code to the players.
2. Implement a UI of some kind.
3. Settle on combat mechanics and player stat system.
4. Link up stairs and dungeon-level-transitions.

If I can get those 4 done, then I can spend monday-friday adding in fun-stuff features.

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